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Honest Abe Lincoln Children's Costume, 7-9
Jouets Melody Toys

Honest Abe Lincoln Children's Costume, 7-9

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Seven score and thirteen years ago...

I met my untimely death. But not before I solidified a legacy of greatness as the 16th, and dare I say, most popular president since General Washington himself. I truly hate to toot my own horn, forgive me Mary Todd, but can any other President come close to my long list of accomplishments? From the Emancipation Proclamation and crushing victory over the Confederacy to my poetic, crowd-pleasing Gettysburg Address, I sure made the most of my presidency. Even now, the younger generations are studying everything I've done, some going as far as presidential cosplay for wax museum school projects and plays! What a life.

I plead with you now, dear patriot, please respect this fun costume and live an honest life as I once tried my hardest to do. You'll receive my famous hat with built-in beard, colonial waist coat, and pants that set the standard for style in the oval office. I understand it will be used in schools and for this post-1800s phenomenon Halloween. Have a great time and stay safe!

Why You'll Love It

This costume was made with 100% polyester, an honest truth. Did you spill some of Mary Todd's famous porridge on yourself again? Hand wash your costume and hang it out to dry. To prevent colors from bleeding, avoid bleaching or ironing this attire. Refer to the size chart for a presidential fit and feel.

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